Aerosol Can Disposal

Aerosol Can Disposal System for Safe Evacuation of Aerosol Cans in Seconds

Aerosol Can Disposal

Aerosol Can Disposal - Special Features:

  • Attaches Directly To a Drum or Work Bench
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Puncture Aerosol Cans & Dispose of
  • Fits All Aerosol Spray Paint Cans
  • Made of Aircraft Aluminum
  • No Power Source Needed to Operate Disposal System
  • VOC's Filter Kit Available
  • Sealed Evacuation Chamber for Safe disposal of Aerosol Cans
  • Complete Evacuation for an Empty Aerosol Can in Seconds

Filter Information

The filter is composed of two parts: a coalescing lower portion, and an upper portion of activated carbon. The coalescing portion collects microscopic airborne liquids from the gas, and combines them into droplets, which collect within the filter chamber. The activated carbon absorbs hydrocarbons, and removes odor from the "dry" gas that has passed through the coalescing portion. The filter effectively reduces VOC's from the escaping gas, resulting in hydrocarbon emissions 75% less than the 300 ppm limitation and/or 75% below OSHA STEL limits.

The dual-purpose filter reduces the VOC's and absorbs the hydrocarbons. It also removes the odor.

Which Dual-Purpose Filter is right for me?

Both of our dual-purpose filters serve the same purpose. The difference between the Standard Carbon Filter and the ColorMatic Filter is that the Standard Carbon Filter requires that you keep track of the number of aerosol cans being emptied. On the other hand, the ColorMatic Filter makes it very simple, no counting cans the carbon elements gradually changes from magenta to black, when this happens it's time to replace your filter. You can choose to keep record of the number of uses and when to replace your filter or let the ColorMatic Filter, do it for you, its that simple!

Still have questions? See a list of Frequently Asked Questions on our aerosol can puncturing system.

Aerosol Can-Emitor Pricing

  • Aerosol Can-Emitor, P/N J-7 $614.00
  • *New ColorMatic Filter, P/N 2009 $186.90
  • *New California Approved Positive Shut-off Filter, P/N 28228 $199.76
  • Standard Carbon Filter, P/N 2001 $158.52
  • Hose Kit, P/N 2002 $36.35

Complete American Gas Products pricing is available here.

Miscellaneous Aerosol Can Disposal Replacement Parts

  • Aerosol Puncturing Pin, P/N 2003 $19.71
  • Bung Adaptor P/N 2005 $5.15
  • O/Rings, (BEST - Acid Resistant PTFE) P/N FF102 $88.40
  • O/Rings, (Original) Viton / Brown P/N 2006V $14.51
  • O/Rings, (Buna / Black) P/N 2010B $11.39
  • Springs Plunger, P/N PHR-3 $25.95
  • Handle Assembly, P/N TC-604 $34.27

Order your aerosol Can-Emitor today to start enjoying the benefits of a Safe and Quick pressure relief disposal system for aerosol cans today!

Current Users of our Aerosol Can-Emitor:

US ARMY US Bic Boeing Exxon Mobil