How Does An Aerosol Can Recycling System
Like The Can-Emitor Work?


Aerosol can puncturing and recycling is an approved means for the proper disposal of aerosol spray cans. It safely removes the hazardous waste. The Aerosol can puncture pierces and evacuates cans, rendering them empty as per the EPA. This can is no longer considered a hazardous waste and can be put in the recycling bin as scrap metal.

Aerosol can puncturers, like the Can-Emitor, safely and easily pierce aerosol cans, collecting the harmful contents in 55 gallon drums for future disposal. The entire puncture system is sealed to protect the operator and to prevent unwanted sprays, spills and messes. These low-capacity aerosol can puncturers don't require electricity - the entire recycling system is manually operated. With the aerosol can inside the evacuation chamber, the operator turns a handle which causes a puncture pin to pierce the aerosol can. The can's contents are then collected in a drum.

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aerosol can recycling system

Aerosol Can-Emitor

Aerosol can puncturer evacuates cans in just second

Puncturing Is Easy

Sealed Evacuation Chamber

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