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A properly working filter is key to the aerosol can disposal system. By making sure your Can-Emitor is equipped with the Standard Carbon Filter and the ColorMatic Filter you will be optimizing the potential of the recycling system.

Each of these filters (the Standard Carbon – Part No. 2001, the ColorMatic – Part No. 2009, the California Approved Positive Shut-off Filter - Part No. 28228) has a structure consisting of two components. The bottom part contains the coalescing equipment. This does the job of collecting the microscopic airborne liquids from the gas, combining them into droplets which then amass in the filter chamber. The upper part contains the activated carbon absorbs the hydrocarbons from the aerosol and eliminates the odor from the gas that passes through the bottom coalescing portion.

The difference between The California Approved Positive Shut-off Filter and the ColorMatic filter is that the California Approved Filter has a 4" diameter steel spring that prevents venting when product is not in use and is SB1158 California compliant.

These filters are so effective – hydrocarbon emissions tend to be 75% below the OSHA STEL limits!

So how do you decide between the ColorMatic Filter (Part No. 2009), the Standard Carbon Filter (Part No. 2001), and the California Approved Positive Shut-off Filter (Part No. 28228)?

The feature that differentiates the two is how you track when the filter needs to be recycled. With the Standard Carbon, the number of aerosol cans being disposed of needs to be counted. Once you’ve reached the limit it’s time to order a new filter at American Gas Products (714-235-6007). If you order the ColorMatic Filter, no counting is needed. Just wait for the magenta carbon element to change to black. When this happens it’s time to replace your disposal unit filter.

If you have any other questions on the filters we offer, or the aerosol can disposal system, have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, give us a call or send us your question or comment and we will repsond in short order.

Pricing for the Aerosol Can-Emitor Filters:

  • New ColorMatic Filter, P/N 2009 $186.90
  • Standard Carbon Filter, P/N 2001 $158.52
  • California Approved Positive Shut-off Filter, P/N 28228 $199.76

Our entire product pricing guide is available online.

Current Users of our Aerosol Can-Emitor:

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