Gas Meter Cabinets

Gas Meter Boxes / Cabinets to Protect & Hide Your Gas Meter

American Gas Products introduces Zero Lot Line Gas Meter Cabinets, an innovative way to hide a residential gas meter. Designed especially for new and remodeled homes, these gas meter boxes weigh less than 15 pounds, come ready to paint and offer great protection for your gas meter. Installation is easy and efficient since the cabinets fit between the wall studs.

Our gas meter box cabinets come in the perfect size to protect your individual gas meter.

American Gas Products produces cabinets for every gas meter situation.

Special Features:

  • Reduces cost of construction
  • Satisfies code requirements
  • Installs in seconds, between studs
  • Weighs less than 15 lbs.
  • Ready to paint
  • Strongest gas meter boxes available
  • Can be disguised or colored to match your home. View example below.
  • All of our cabinets fit in between standard studs with 16 inch centers.

Measurements and Views of the Gas Meter Cabinets

Mid-Size Gas Meter Cabinet P/N J-40
(Fits between standard studs with 16" centers)

Installation Notes:

  • Maximum distance between bottom of cabinet and mud sill is 16"
  • Allow house line stub to extend 3"
    outside of stucco
  • Center of riser should be 3 1/2" from stucco
  • Add a second 2" X 4" on each side of the bay to support the flange

Side View

Front View

Top View

Gas Meter Cabinets can also be adapted to match the look of your home!

This is in example of how some customers have been creative with our high quality gas cabinets. In some isolated cases customers have been known to install these cabinets on brick structures. Generally speaking most boxes end up being painted the same color as the stucco.

A Letter from the President

We in the building industry are aware that the placement of the utilities has been a problem, the chief offender being the “gas meter." While the Gas Meter Cabinet does not address all problems, it does get the gas meter up off of the ground, and that alone is a significant accomplishment.

You have the opportunity to pole-vault ahead of your competition. Hundreds of these new gas boxes are being installed nationwide, offering an aesthetic advantage to both the homeowner and the builder.

By placing the gas meter inside a cabinet, you now can utilize the space on the side of the house, an area that previously was not accessible. These cabinets are easy to install, and they do an excellent job of hiding the meter.

We offer these units in a white textured "ABS" material with a "Korad" outer shell. Each cabinet is protected from the "UV Rays", they are ready to paint, and are virtually indestructible.

Gas CabinetThe Gas Meter Cabinets fit between studs with 16-inch centers and flush against the inside of the back wall.

Should you have questions, please allow us the opportunity to answer them. Remember, these gas boxes were designed and patented by the Southern California Gas Company. American Gas Products is the exclusive distributor of these products nationwide.

If the Gas Company has or is going to install a smart meter with an electronic reading device, please call prior to ordering (Smart Meters Require A Deeper Door).


Steve Jiles, President

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