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The Aerosol Can-Emitor disposal system is a safe and secure way to empty all your aerosol cans. The Can-Emitor is a self-contained system that allows you to quickly empty cans in seconds. It even accepts cans up to 3.25 inches in diameter. See the pricing below for the Aerosol Can-Emitor, filters and replacement parts and then order your disposal system today!

  • Aerosol Can-Emitor, P/N J-7 $614.25
  • ColorMatic Filter, P/N 2009 $186.90
  • California Approved Positive Shut-off Filter, P/N 28228 $199.76
  • Standard Carbon Filter, P/N 2001 $158.52
  • Hose Kit, P/N 2002 $34.95

Miscellaneous Replacement Parts

  • Puncturing Pin, P/N 2003 $18.95
  • Bung Adaptor P/N 2005 $4.95
  • O/Rings, (BEST - Acid Resistant PTFE) P/N FF102 $85.00
  • O/Rings, (Original) Viton / Brown P/N 2006V $13.95
  • O/Rings, (Buna / Black) P/N 2010B $10.95
  • Spring Plunger, P/N PHR-3
  • Springs Plunger, P/N PHR-3 $24.95

  • Handle Assembly, P/N TC-604 $32.95

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Looking for a cover to protect your Gas or LP meter from the elements? American Gas Products manufactures gas meter boxes/covers. Check below for the latest pricing and order yours today!

  • Gas Meter Cabinet, P/N J-40 $379.00
    Quantity Discounts Available

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Aerosol Can-Emitor disposal system

gas meter lock box


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